How to start?

How to start?

To all newcomers who want to find out more about the functionality, usage and application design of the PROMOTIC system, we recommend the following steps:

- Download the free PROMOTIC installation package: Download

- Install the PROMOTIC system to your PC: Installation of the System PROMOTIC

- Study the PROMOTIC coursebook and create your first simple application by following the instructions: THE PROMOTIC COURSEBOOK (complete documentation including the "PROMOTIC coursebook" can be found also in the development environment in the "Help" section)

- Deepen your knowledge by studying the PROMOTIC documentation: PROMOTIC documentation contents

- Consult your application design and possible problems with PROMOTIC system developers (by phone or e-mail) : Contacts

- Discuss with developers and other users on the PROMOTIC forum:

We strongly believe that you will be satisfied with the PROMOTIC system.

The whole PROMOTIC team is ready to support you.

Thank you!
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