How to start?

To all newcomers who want to find out more about the functionality, usage and application design des PROMOTIC-Systems, we recommend the following steps:
- Download the free PROMOTIC installation package: Download
- Install the PROMOTIC-System to your PC: Installation of the System PROMOTIC
- Study the PROMOTIC coursebook and create your first simple application by following the instructions: THE PROMOTIC COURSEBOOK (complete dokumentation including the "PROMOTIC coursebook" can be found also in der Entwicklungsumgebung in the "Help" section)
- Deepen your knowledge by studying the PROMOTIC dokumentation: PROMOTIC dokumentation contents
- Consult your application design and possible problems with PROMOTIC system developers (by phone or e-mail): Kontaktdatei
- Discuss with developers and other users on the PROMOTIC forum:
We strongly believe that you will be satisfied mit System PROMOTIC.
The whole PROMOTIC team is ready to support you.
Thank you!
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