Communication with PLC devices by the HYPEL company (Czechia)

For communication of the PROMOTIC application with PLC devices by the HYPEL company, the following two possibilities are recommended:

1) Communication by the RoatPro HW converter:
The HYPEL company delivers the programmable converter RoatPro that converts the serial link RS485 with the internal multimaster protocol to the serial link RS232 with an optional protocol (this protocol can be programmed in the converter). Then the PROMOTIC application can communicate with the properly programmed converter, for example, by the following serial drivers:
- etc.

2) Communication by the DDE server:
The HYPEL company delivers the communication DDE server. Then the PROMOTIC system accesses the devices through the DDE interface. The DDE server communicates with PLC devices via the computer's serial port COM (the port number is entered in the configuration file, the baud speed rate is get by the DDE server itself). The DDE server can be run under the Windows OS 2000 and higher.
The DDE server by the HYPEL company is optimized for the PROMOTIC system, which means, that it can send multiple data in one message (multiple data on one address). In this case it is possible to use also the PmaData object for communication in the PROMOTIC application (it is necessary to configure the "DDE" tab). This optimization has a substantial implication for the speed and security of the transfer.
The current versions of the DDE server, documentation and further detailed information are available cost free on the Internet pages The delivery and the technical support for the DDE server provides the HYPEL company.

Technical support:
HYPEL, spol. s r.o., Kladno,
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