Communication with FATEK PLCs

The Fatek Automation company (, Taiwan) manufactures the FATEK PLCs.

It is possible to use following options for communication between the PROMOTIC system and the PLCs:

Communication by the FATEK FACON protocol

For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used:
- PmFatek - Driver for communication with PLC devices FATEK.
For easy integration of this driver into the application it is handy to use:

Other way of communication: There are FACON OPC servers for example by:
- The Kontron company. The demo version is working 1 hour. It becomes full version after registration.
- The OPCTechs Technology company. Free for testing purposes.
Then the PROMOTIC application will communicate as a client by the OPC interface.

Communication by the Modbus protocol

The PLCs allow to use the accessory modules communicate by the Modbus protocol (RTU and TCP/IP).
For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used:

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