Communication with SAIA PLC devices

Communication possibilities with SAIA PLC devices by the Saia-Burgess Controls company (

The standard solution for communication with SAIA PLC devices is to use the PROMOTIC communication driver:
This driver can communicate via the computer's serial port or via Ethernet (i.e. "Serial-S-Net" or "Ether-S-Net" communication type).
For easy integration of this driver into the application it is handy to use: Preconfiguration "PmSBUS - PLC SAIA - Communication set with data and panel"

For communication of the PROMOTIC application can also be used an OPC server from other firms - see Communication by OPC interface.
Then the PROMOTIC application will communicate as a client by the OPC interface.

PLC types:
- PCS1: compact, max. transfer rate of 38400 kB, Ethernet not supported,
- PCD1: max. transfer rate of 38400 kB, Ethernet supporetd
- PCD2: max. transfer rate of 38400 kB, for PCD2.M480 up to 115200 kB, Ethernet supported
- PCD3: max. transfer rate of 115200 kB, Ethernet supported
- PCD4: out of production

- On Ethernet network (Ether-S-Net) the S-Bus protocol is not sent with the full network speed - but about 2-times faster than the fastest serial link.
- For the Profi-S-Net communication type (S-Bus packed to PROFIBUS) the PROMOTIC driver for Ethernet can be used in cooperation with HW Profi-S-Link converter.
- Other communication options (Modbus, M-BUS, ProfiNet, etc.) can be used also, but the S-Bus protocol is the best for vizualization.
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