Communication with SAIA PLC devices

Possibilities of communication with SAIA PLC's from the Saia-Burgess Controls company (
The standard solution for communication with SAIA PLC devices is to use the PROMOTIC driver:

This driver communicates via the computer's serial port or via Ethernet (i.e. "Serial-S-Net" or "Ether-S-Net" communication type).

For easy integration of this driver into the application it is handy to use: Preconfiguration "PmSBUS - PLC SAIA - Communication set with data and panel"

For communication of the PROMOTIC application can aslo be used an OPC server from other firms and the PmOPCClient PROMOTIC component. Then the PROMOTIC application will communicate as a client by the OPC interface, i.e. by the PmaOpcClient object, the PROMOTIC will be connected to the OPC server and thus communicate with the devices.
PLC types:
- PCS1: compact, max. transfer rate of 38400 kB, Ethernet not supported,
- PCD1: max. transfer rate of 38400 kB, Ethernet supporetd
- PCD2: max. transfer rate of 38400 kB, for PCD2.M480 up to 115200 kB, Ethernet supported
- PCD3: max. transfer rate of 115200 kB, Ethernet supported
- PCD4: out of production
- On Ethernet network (Ether-S-Net) the S-Bus protocol is not sent with the full network speed - but about 2-times faster than the fastest serial link (information from the year 2007).
- For the Profi-S-Net communication type (S-Bus packed to PROFIBUS) the Promotic driver for Ethernet can be used in cooperation with HW Profi-S-Link converter.
- Other communication options (Modbus, M-BUS, ProfiNet, etc.) can be used also, but the S-Bus protocol is the best for vizualization.
PROMOTIC 9.0.8 SCADA system documentation - MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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