Communication with meters Sontex SUPERCAL

The meter SUPERCAL 531 by the Sontex company. It cannot do the automatic recognition of the baud rate.

For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used:

In order to conserve battery power, these meters go to sleep mode and so it is necessary to wake it up before the communication. The most simple solution is to set the "Number of repeats after unsuccessful transmission" configurator to the value 1 (or more, probably the best value is 2) and the "Response receipt timeout" configurator to the value from 500 to 1000 ms. So the first sent message will wake up the meter and the following messages are then processed correctly.

The meter has a big number of various message types that read the data from the meter. The exact content of messages can differ according to the configuration of the meter and therefore the driver hasn't preconfigurations for reading the data. All data messages can be read:
- either by the PmaCommGroup object. In the "ItemId" configurator value the "Ib" area can be used, followed by the message index. For example "sa254.Ib0.Energy", "sa254.Ib1.Power", etc.
- or by the PmaCommMsg object with the "Common meter/Reading of generally configurated data" message type. These messages can be read sequentially one after the other (if the FcbAttr variable is set to 1).

How to configure the data can be found out either in the documentation of the meter (see the M-BUS_frames_531.xls file, where it is described).

Preset message types for the PmaCommMsg object:
- Data read selection (Index Telegram):
This message is meant for setting which data message has to be read next. It is designed only for the PmaCommMsg object, in the PmaCommGroup object, the message index is defined after the "Ib" identifier. If this message is not used, then individual data messages would be read sequentially (with the FcbAttr variable set to 1). After reading, for example, the 23rd message, the 22 previous messages would have been read. But by using the "Data read selection message it is possible to choose, what is the next read data message. For reading the 23rd data message, the walkthrough is as follows:
- transfer the message "Data read selection" with the Index variable set to the value 23 (it was checked that not the value 23 but the value 23+n, where n=2).
- and finally transfer the requested data message by means of the common message Common meter/Reading of generally configurated data.
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