Communication with Honeywell DDC controllers and devices

The Honeywell company produces more types of devices with more communication possibilities. The following section deals with individual possibilities.

1. C-BUS: communication with EXCEL family DDC controllers

For communication of the PROMOTIC application by C-BUS protocol with the EXCEL 5000 (EXCEL 20/50/80/100/500/600/800) family DDC controllers it can be used the OPC server from the KZK company. The OPC server is also available in a version for EXCEL IRC and EXCEL EMC controllers.
Trade terms:

Usage of the PmOpcClient object requires purchase of the PmOpcClient license. With the freeware version PmFree, or when developing the application (with development environment for tersting purposes), this component is always functional.

Technical support:

KZK Ltd. Mlýnská 570, 798 17 Smržice, Czechia

email:,, phone: +420 581 111 685

2. Communication with TDC300 DDC controllers

It is possible to communicate with the TDC300 DDC controllers by the Modbus RTU protocol.

For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used:


3. Communication with the UDC family DDC controllers

Controllers of the older UDC 1000/1500 series even of the newer UDC 1200/1700 series communicate over the interface RS485 by the ASCII and Modbus RTU protocols.

For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used:

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