Communication with meters Landis ULTRAHEAT

The heat meter ULTRAHEAT by the Landis company. The supported transfer rate is 300/1200/2400/4800 Bd, the automatic recognition of the transfer rate (can be switched off).

For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used:

If only some selected values are to be received from the meter, then it is handy to use the PmaCommGroup object. In this object (or by data extension ExtComm) the variables only for desired values can be defined. The value of the "ItemId" configurator can be for example: "sa254.M1.Energy", "sa1.M1.TemperFor", etc.

Preset message types for the PmaCommMsg object:
- Reading of measured values:
There are following variables on the "Data-received" tab: Header of M-BUS message ActualityDuration (actuality duration [sec]), ResponseDuration (response duration [sec]), Energy (accumulated energy [GJ]), Volume (accumulated volume [m3]), Power (instantaneous power [kW]), Flow (instantaneous flow [m3/h]), TemperForward (Forward temperature [°C]), TemperReturn (Return temperature [°C]), TemperDiff (Temperature difference [°C]), VolumeMem1 (accumulated volume [m3] from last year), EnergyMem1 (accumulated energy [GJ] from last year), FabricNr (Meter fabric number), RespDurationTar1 (response duration [sec], Tariff=1), PowerMaxTar1 (maximum power [kW], Tariff=1), PowerMaxMem1Tar1 (maximum power [kW] from last year, Tariff=1), FlowMaxTar1 (maximum flow [m3/h]), Tariff=1), TemperForMaxTar1 (maximum Forward temperature [°C], Tariff=1), TemperRetMaxTar1 (maximum Return temperature [°C], Tariff=1), OnTime (number of days), OnTimeErr (number of days in error), OnTimeErrMem1 (number of days in error from last year), DataReading (date and time of reading, year is not available), EnergyTar2 / EnergyTar3 / EnergyTar4 (accumulated energy [GJ], Tariff=2/3/4), EnergyMem1Tar2 / EnergyMem1Tar3 / EnergyMem1Tar4 (accumulated energy [GJ] from last year, Tariff=2/3/4), TemperForMaxMem2Tar1 (maximum Forward temperature [°C], 1st value from last year, Tariff=1), TemperRetMaxMem2Tar1 (maximum Return temperature [°C], 1st value from last year, Tariff=1), FlowMaxMem2Tar1 (maximum flow [m3/h], 1st value from last year, Tariff=1), PowerMaxMem2Tar1 (maximum power [kW], 1st value from last year, Tariff=1), OnTimeErrMem2 (number of days in error, 1st value from last year), EnergyMem2 / EnergyMem2Tar2 / EnergyMem2Tar3 / EnergyMem2Tar4 (accumulated energy [GJ], 1st value from last year, Tariff=0/2/3/4), VolumeMem2 (accumulated volume [m3], 1st value from last year), Date (meter date and time), Microprogram (version), D0 (extended byte, perhaps always 0), D1 (extended byte, perhaps always 0), D2 (extended byte, bit 0=1=preadmonition, bit 7=0/1=installation in return/forward pipeline).
- Setting of date and time:
By this simple message it can be set the time in the meter. Date and time is entered in the Date variable on the "Data-sent" tab.
PROMOTIC 9.0.27 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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