Communication with Siemens controllers and devices

The Siemens company produces more types of devices with more communication possibilities.
- Climatix regulators:

Climatix regulators (POL63x) support Modbus communication (RTU or TCP) directly or by communication modem (POL902).

For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used: PmModbusMr - Driver for communication by the Modbus Master protocol.

- Frequency inverters:
- Frequency inverters Sinamics G120 with CU240S PN control unit use the PROFINET communication interface. This interface is also used by another Sinamics G and S series inverters(S110, S120, S150 ..).
- Frequency inverters Micromaster use the PROFIBUS communication interface.

For communication of the PROMOTIC application with both devices can be used: PmS7 - Driver for communication by the S7-TCP/IP protocol.

Example: For Sinamics G120 the PmS7 driver can address for example:

- DB20,REAL0 = current requested frequency before the spinup time, is read only
- DB1040,REAL0 = requested speed of motorpotenciometer
- DB947,W0 = inverter malfunction code

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