Communication with PLC devices by the Bernecker&Reiner company

Modular distributed I/O system X20 by the B&R automation company ( offers wide spectrum of the communication options: Modbus TCP/IP, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CanOpen, POWERLINK, EtherNet/IP ...

Communication by the Modbus protocol

The Modbus TCP/IP protocol is for example implemented in the X20BC0087 module.

For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used:
For this driver, it is recommended to set the configurators:
- PmaCommGroup > Parameters > Special Parameters > Area base addresses:
- Base address "Bo = Coil/output bits" = 0
- Base address "Bi = Input bits" = 0
- Base address "Ro = Holding/output registers"
= 2048 (=800 hex) for analog outputs
= 9216 (=2400 hex) for digital outputs in the form of status words
- Base address "Ri = Input registers"
= 0 for analog inputs
= 8192 (=2000 hex) for digital inputs in the form of status words
- PmaCommGroup > Parameters > Special Parameters > Maximum number of variables received in one message:
- Maximum number "Bo = Coil/output bits" = 1968
- Maximum number "Bi = Input bits" = 2000
- Maximum number "Ro = Holding/output registers" = 123
- Maximum number "Ri = Input registers" = 125

Communication by OPC server

OPC server B&R is a part of the software package Automation NET/PVI.

The software Automation NET/PVI can detect whether it is launched and running on the computer manufactured by the B&R company:
- If the software Automation NET/PVI is installed and running on the computer manufactured directly by the B&R company, then it does not need any runtime licence to work.
- If the software Automation NET/PVI is installed and running on the computer manufactured by another company than B&R, then the runtime licence is necessary.

The runtime licence key can be burchased in the form of USB, LPT or DLL library.
- USB and LPT keys allow running the software Automation NET/PVI on a single PC.
- DLL library allows running the software Automation NET/PVI on unlimited numer of computers. This solution is suitable for large corporations/enterprises with corresponding pricetag of approx. 30 000 EUR.
Without the runtime licence, the software runs for two hours in trial mode. After this period the application stops. The communication can be reactivated (for another two hours) by restarting the PVI Manageru (main PVI component).

OPC server setting:
Basic settings of the server is contained in the INI file named "BR.OPC.Server.ini" that is located in the installation folder B&R in subfolder PVI/Vx.xx.xx/Bin.
This file contains entries regarding the locations of files with variable definitions (in the ConfigPath section) and also the definitions of configuration files to be used by the OPC server (in the ConfigFiles section). The OPC server configuration files are in XML format with the extension *.opcs.

Then the PROMOTIC application will communicate as a client by the OPC interface.
The usage OPC (the PmOpcUaClient communication driver or PmaOpcDaClient object) requires purchase of the "PmOPC" licence. When developing the application in the freeware mode PmFree, or with development environment and while testing it in runtime, this component is always functional.
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