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Communication with meters Kamstrup MULTICAL

Meters MULTICAL (801, 601, 401, III, Compact, ... types) by the Kamstrup company. Supported transfer rate is 300/2400 Bd.

For easy integration of this driver into the application it is handy to use:

In order to conserve battery power, these meters go to sleep mode and so it is necessary to wake it up before the communication. The most simple solution is to set the "Number of repeats after unsuccessful transmission" configurator to the value 1 (or more, probably the best value is 2) and the "Response receipt timeout" configurator to the value from 500 to 1000 ms. So the first sent message will wake up the meter and the following messages are then processed correctly.

If only some selected values are to be received from the meter, then it is handy to use the PmaCommGroup object. In this object (or by data extension ExtComm) the variables only for desired values can be defined. The value of the "ItemId" configurator can be for example: "sa254.M1.Energy", "sa1.M1.TemperFor", etc.

Preset message types for the PmaCommMsg object:
- Reading of measured values (MULTICAL): older meter version without type definition
There are following variables on the "Data-received" tab: Header of M-BUS message Energy (accumulated energy [GJ]), Volume (accumulated volume [m3]), TimeCounter (hour counter [day]), TemperForward (Forward temperature [°C]), TemperReturn (Return temperature [°C]), TemperDiff (Temperature difference [°C]), Power (instantaneous power [kW]), Flow (instantaneous flow [m3/h]), ReadEnergy (last energy reading [GJ]), ReadVolume (last volume reading [m3]), ReadDate (date and time of last reading), Date (current date and time) and other values (PeakPower, INFO, TAR2/3, TL2/3, InA/B, ProgramNo, Config, m3xTfor/ret, CoolEnergy, YearsPeekPower).
- Reading of measured values (MULTICAL III / MULTICAL Compact / MULTICAL 401-66-0S):
The same as last message, only without last 4 values (without m3xTfor/ret, CoolEnergy, YearsPeekPower).
- Reading of measured values (MULTICAL 401-66-0P / MULTICAL 601 / MULTICAL 801):
The data items are similar as for the previous message. There can be additional items, for example FabricNr (Meter fabric number), PowerMax, FlowMax, etc.
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