Communication with iNELS devices

The iNELS company has been developing and manufacturing smart wiring for flats, homes and a wide range of commercial premises since 2007, from offices to hotels and business centers. With 13 branches around the world and exporting to 70 countries, it has a leading position in the smart wiring market.

Communications with the following iNELS devices were integrated into the PROMOTIC SCADA system:

ASCII protocol - communication PmChar

The iNELS BUS central unit passes information by the ASCII protocol - PROMOTIC uses the PmChar communication driver, which is a part of the installation. It can not only monitor states, temperatures, etc. from the iNELS BUS system but also change values and control the system. It is also possible to communicate with third party systems, to monitor and set up more complex projects, such as boiler rooms.
Preconfiguration "Communication with iNELS devices by means of the communication driver PmChar - Communication set with data and panel"

API interface - HttpRequest

The eLAN-RF(Wi)-003 gateway of the RF Control system communicates by means of the API interface - communication with the smart box by HttpRequest. The RF devices can be monitored this way, but it is also possible to control them.
Preconfiguration "Communication with iNELS devices network API interface Communication set with data and panel"
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