Communication with PLC devices by the TECO company (Czechia)

The standard solution is to communicate with TECO PLC devices (TECOMAT, TECOREG, ...) by the EPSNET monomaster protocol (the protocol comes from the definition of the transportation level of the PROFIBUS protocol) and to use for the PmTeco communication driver. This driver can communicate via the computer's serial port or via Ethernet.

Type series Communications
TECOMAT TC400 2x serial
TECOMAT TC500 2x serial
TECOMAT TC600 3x serial
TECOMAT TC650 3x serial, 1x Ethernet
TECOMAT Foxtrot 2x serial, 1x Ethernet
TECOMAT TC700 up to 10x serial, 2x Ethernet
TECOREG TR050 2x serial
TECOREG TR200 2x serial
TECOREG TR300 up to 3x serial


The TECO company (Czechia) also supplies the OPC server for communication with its devices. The PROMOTIC application can get the data from the PLC device by the PmaOpcDaClient component.
The usage OPC (the PmOpcUaClient communication driver or PmaOpcDaClient object) requires purchase of the "PmOPC" licence. When developing the application in the freeware mode PmFree, or with development environment and while testing it in runtime, this component is always functional.
PROMOTIC 9.0.27 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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