The authorization for editing the application - configuration window

It is used for the authorization of editing and viewing the application.
If the authorization is used and if the authorization fails, then the development environment isn't opened.
PasswordPassword protecting the entrance into editing the application.
Confirm passwordCheck repeat of the entered password.
Licence keys listBind editing the application to the concrete number(s) of the licence keys and/or to the Unique user number (PmUserNumber).

The list consists of items that are separated by the " | " separator (including space from each side). The item represents:
- either the licence number prefaced by the 'k' prefix (e.g. k1028)
- or the Unique user number (PmUserNumber) prefaced by the 'g' prefix (e.g. g200).

To meet the condition it is sufficient if only one item in the list is met (the operation 'or' holds true between items).

The licence number is unique and two keys with the same number do not exist. This number is not really suitable for application protection because:
- in case of key loss a new key can be bought, but it will have a different number and will not be suitable for application editing.
- one company may have multiple keys, requesting all of them to be usable for application editing.

Therefore it is better to protect the application by PmUserNumber, because this number is unique only for specific company and the same number can be burned into multiple development (or runtime) keys of this company.

Example: Enable editing of the application only for the HW Key 1028 (the key of the application administrator at the customer) or for any HW Key with the Unique user number (PmUserNumber) 200:
k1028 | g200
For the security of the starting the runtime of the PROMOTIC application, see the Pm.LicenceInfo method.
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- The authorization for editing the application
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