Import/Export in the graphics editor

The active Pmg object located in the graphics editor area can be exported by placing the mouse cursor on this object and select the "Active Pmg object / Export object" from the context menu.
The whole panel or only the set of selected Pmg objects can be exported in the main menu "Active Pmg object / Export object".
If the export option is selected then the "Data export to the XML text file" configuration window opens for entering additional export parameters.

Import methods of the Pmg object:
1st From the main menu "Active Pmg object / Import to object".
2nd Place the mouse cursor on the Pmg object in the graphics editor and select the "Active Pmg object / Import to object" in the context menu. So our object (in XML) can be nested into the Pmg object on the graphics editor area or it can be modified.
3rd By means of Drag&Drop method.
Open the desired XML file in the application that supports this technology (Wordpad, this PROMOTIC documentation, etc.), decrease it so as not to overlap the whole screen area, mark text that has to be imported (usually all text in the file), catch it by the mouse and drag it to the graphics editor area and drop it either on the empty area or over the object depending on whether you want to import the XML into the panel or into the Pmg object.
4th By means of Drag&Drop file method.
Open the Windows folder containing XML files, mark one or more XML files and drag them to the graphics editor area.
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