Data import from XML text file

Import the list of variables from a text file of the XML type. Variables of the data page can be overwritten of newly added.
Import typeThe option determines how the data from the disk file are read into existing objects of the application, for example, they overwrite the original data (existing objects), new objects are added, etc.
Non-existing objects only - If the object already exists with the same name as the object in the file, it is not imported. If the object doesn't exist, it is created and imported. Subobjects are imported.
To existing objects only - It is imported only to existing objects (to objects with the same name and type as the objects in the disk file). It is imported into subobjects of these objects also only when they exist.
To existing objects only, don't create subobjects - It is imported only to existing objects. Subobjects are imported also (if they don't exist, they are created and imported)
Overwrite - If the object doesn't exist (its name and type is the same as the objects in the disk file), it is imported. If it doesn't exist, it is created and imported.
Create always new objects - Import always to newly created objects.
Create always new objects with new names - Import alway to newly created objects with newly generated names. If subobjects don't exist, they are created and then imported.
Remove and create new objects - If the object doesn't exist, delete it first, then create a new one and import it. If it doesn't exist, create and import it.
Remove objects - Remove objects and its subobjects
Do not import - It does not import.
Import only if it is explicitly defined in the file - Don't import if it isn't specified otherwise in the body of the XML document, for example, by using the key word Import or DefImport.
Choose configurationThere can be more data for reading in one *.XML file, each set of these data is marked as the configuration and during the reading it is possible to select which configuration is read.
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