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The PROMOTIC ENERG system serves for measuring and regulation of energy consumption. It allows to create the complete outline of the consumption state of all energy variables that are brought into the system (electro meters, heat meters, water meters, gas meters, etc.).
The regulation itself is usually implemented on subordinate PLC stations. In this case the PROMOTIC ENERG system provides monitoring and sends commands or parameters to subordinate PLC stations.
The system has the architecture of the client-server type; therefore it can be operated on more stations in the local (LAN) or even in the remote (WAN) computer network
Measured data can be scanned either locally or in remote places with the transmission through communication cables, fixed and switched phone lines, using radio modems or through the GSM mobile network.

Standard functions of the PROMOTIC ENERG system:
- measuring and regulation of the energy consumption (electricity, heat, etc.)
- setting a consumption diagram and regulation levels
- monitoring of hour consumptions and their deviations according to conditions of the authorized customer
- measuring of secondary consumptions (electricity, heat, water, gas, air, etc.)
- joining measured consumptions into operating units (centers)
- definition of summary consumptions
- balancing measured variables in the table or graph form
- prediction of the consumption, alarm on limits overrun
- possibility to define access rights of operators
- saving measured data in the defined period
- view of historical trend of measured variables
- moving to "daylight-saving time"/"standard time" automatically
- providing data for other stations in the network
- archiving of important events in the system into alarm and event files for further processing and evaluation

Extra functions of the PROMOTIC ENERG system:
- moving data into higher information systems (Excel, Access, Oracle, SAP, etc.) according to user specific requirements
- disconnection of selected appliances according to priorities set in advance (possibly recommendation of their disconnection to the operator)
- setting the indication time before disconnection of the appliance
- definition of the minimal and maximal technology permissible time for disconnection or operation of the appliance
- internet client
- connection to enterprise IS
- according to a user specific requirement it is possible to monitor other (even different) technologies: scales, tank volumes, security systems, etc.

Main screen:

- displaying of momentary values from the main measurement (active power, idle power, power factor)
- prediction of the consumption in the current quarter (hour) and its comparison with the limit (the limit is derived from the valid consumption diagram) and regulation levels
- displaying the value of power factors: current, in the quarter, in the hour

By choosing from MENU it is possible to enter (edit), for example:
- Consumption diagram: setting the current consumption limit, announced regulation level, setting consumption rates, definition of bank holidays in the year
- Measure parameters: measure name, medium, unit, constants for calculation, etc.
- Medium parameters: medium name, measure unit, unit price, etc.
- Parameters of the center: center name, abbreviation, etc.
- Parameters of summary consumptions: definition of measure groups and mutual dependencies between individual measures (consumption name, unit, limit, alarm, etc.)
- Table of current data: preview of the momentary current consumption of all measured variables with the possibility to sort
- Active consumption and Idle consumption: displaying measured values of the main measuring in the desired time (table, graph)
- Measure selection: displaying measured values of the selected measuring in the desired time (table, graph)
- Balancing (shiftily, daily, monthly, yearly): summary of measured values according to the selected criteria and entered media prices (sorted by centers, media)
- Definition of access rights of operators
- and many others ...

Examples of the next screens of the system:

Parameterization of the consumption diagram:

Monthly balance of the selected center:

Table of measured quarter consumptions of the selected measurement:
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