The PROMOTIC EMISSIONS system serves for the continuous measuring of contaminants at large and super large sources of air pollution. Processing and evaluation of measuring is created in the way that is required by the present valid legislation in the Czech Republic (Regulation no. 356/2002 Cap. and other related regulations and rules). The system can be adjusted for the valid legislation in other countries. PROMOTIC EMISSIONS system is meant for heating plants, boiler plants, incinerators, coking plants and other sources of air pollution.
The system has the architecture of the Client-Server type; therefore it can be operated on more stations in the local (LAN) or even in the remote (WAN) computer network.

Standard functions of the PROMOTIC EMISSIONS system:

- Measuring of momentary values of contaminants concentrations (TZL - solid contaminants, SO2, CO, NOx, HCl, TOC - organic carbon, HF, and others) and auxiliary variables (O2, temperature, pressure, flow, dampness, and others)
- Processing of minute averages of all measured variables
- Processing of half-hour averages
- Processing of 10-minutes averages of CO (incinerators)
- Processing of daily mean values
- Table and graph representation of measured and calculated data
- Registering of emission limits
- Evaluation of emission limit overruns, measure failures, outages
- Processing of protocols for ČIŽP (Czech inspection of the environment)
- Calculation of balances in kg/day (month, year)
- Providing data for other stations in the network
- Moving to "daylight-saving time"/"standard time" automatically
- Archiving of important events in the system into alarm and event files

Extra functions of the PROMOTIC EMISSIONS system:

- prediction of half-hour averages in the current half of the hour
- comparison of predicted values with valid emission limits
- visual and sound alarm in case of thread of overrunning the emission limit
- connection to enterprise IS (enterprise database)
- security of the PC against an unauthorized manipulation
- remote SW administration over phone modem

Examples of applications:

- SPOLANA Neratovice s.a., Energetika (Czechia)
- Waste incinerator plant Spolchemie Ústí nad Labem (Czechia)
- Waste incinerator plant LOBBE Dąbrowa Górnicza (Poland)
- Heating plant Z.E.C. Inowrocław (Poland)
- Waste incinerator plant DEZA Valašské Meziříčí s.a. (Czechia)
- Heating plant Tábor s.a. (Czechia)
- Heating plant KS Korobkovsky RF (Russia)
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