Subtype - property of object PmfString

Text inputbox type.
Subtype As String
Setting the propert when the item is created:
oString = oForm.CreateItem("string", "Id", "Title", "Subtype:static;");
Writing the value:
oString.Subtype = "static";
Reading the value:
sSubtype = oString.Subtype;
simple (default) - Simple standard single-row text inputbox.
static - Non-editable static text. It is used e.g. as note, description, report etc. For this purpose it is often handy to set "TitlePos:no;".
password - The text is displayed as a password, i.e. * char (asterisk) is displayed instead of the entered char.
Property access for read and write.

It is possible to write into this property only if the PmForm window has not been opened yet.

This property is also functional for Web panels. It is not functional in InternetExplorer8 and lower.

See also:
Creates multi-row static note:
JavaScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oItem = oForm.CreateItem("string", "note1", "", "Subtype:static;TitlePos:no;Multiline:1;");
oItem.Value = "Note 1\nNote 2\nNote 3";  //Character "\n" creates new rows.
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