TitlePos - property of object PmfObject

Position of displayed Pmf object name.
String TitlePos
Setting the propert when the object is created:
oString = oForm.CreateItem("string", "Id", "Title", "TitlePos:no;");
Writing the value:
oString.TitlePos = "no";
Reading the value:
sPos = oString.TitlePos;
left (default) - Displayed name will be to the left from the input.
right - Displayed name will be to the right from the input. This is functional so far only for PmfBool.
no - The name will not be displayed and the inputbox will be expanded to the left to occupy its space.

This value may not be set if in the CreateItem method the sTitle parameter is not set (or is set to null).

Property access for read and write.

It is possible to write into this property only if the PmForm window has not been opened yet.

This property is also functional in Web panels.

This property is not functional for object: PmfSepar.
See also:
The text input configurator will be displayed as multirow over the area.
JavaScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oString = oForm.CreateItem("string", "IdStr", "", "TitlePos:no;Multiline:1;");
Checkbox type configurator will be displayed in order to keep the displayed name to the right.
JavaScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oBool = oForm.CreateItem("bool", "IdBool", "Title", "TitlePos:right;");

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