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Object PmfSepar

This object represents one form item of the type: Separator between configurators.
Properties and methods of this object:
SubtypeSeparator type (appearance)
Properties and methods that are common to all objects of the PmfObject type:
BodyHeightIniInitial height of the Body area
BodyHeightModeThe way of changing the Body area height
BodyWidthIniInitial width of the Body area
BodyWidthModeThe way of changing the Body area width
FormReturns PmForm object
IdPmf object identifier
ParentReturns reference to the parent Pmf object
PrivateDataPrivate value of the object
TitleDisplayed name of the Pmf object
TitleFontFont of the Title area of the Pmf object
TitlePosPosition of the Title area of the Pmf object
TypePmf object type
VisibleThe property returns or sets the visibility/invisibility of Pmf object
- The object can be created by method PmForm.CreateItem("separ", ...).
- This object is functional also in Web panels.

The separator appearance can be defined by means of the Subtype property. The default shape is a horizontal line and if the name is defined (in the sTitle parameter), then this text is displayed inside the line.
Script creates one form item. It is presumed that the oForm object already exists.
JavaScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

// PmfObject ...
var oSepar = oForm.CreateItem("separ", "", "", "Subtype:line;TitlePos:no;");
// PmfObject ...

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