Object PmfLayout

This object represents one form item of the type: "Area for other Pmf objects".
Properties and methods of this object:
CreateItemCreates a single form subitem in the area defined by parent PmfLayout object
GetItemReturns Pmf object (i.e. existing form item)
GetItemsReturns an array of Pmf objects.
SubtypeSpecifies whether the nested objects are arranged vertically or horizontally
RemoveItemRemoves Pmf object (i.e. existing form item)
RemoveItemsRemoves items of the Pmf object.
Properties and methods that are common to all objects of the PmfObject type:
BodyHeightIniInitial body height
BodyHeightModeChanging body height
BodyWidthIniInitial body width
BodyWidthModeChanging body width
EnabledEnable/disable editing of values
IdPmf object identifier
PrivateDataPrivate value of the object
TitleDisplayed name of the Pmf object
TitlePosPosition of displayed Pmf object name
TypePmf object type
VisibleSets the visibility/invisibility of Pmf object
- The object can be created by method PmForm.CreateItem("layout", ...).
- This object is functional also in Web panels.

The appearance of this object can be defined by means of the Subtype property.
Script in the PmgForm.onFormLoad event creates PmfLayout with one form item in it.
JavaScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oForm = pMe.Form;
var Layout = oForm.CreateItem("layout", "Lay1", null, "Subtype:horz;");
var oStr = Layout.CreateItem("string", "id_str");

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