GetCount - method of the PmaComm object

The method returns the number of transfers of this object.
Long GetCount(Long nType)
nType(Long) Specifies transmissions in this object whose number we want to get.
0 - The number of all transfers (successul and failed) since the application launch (= GetCount(1) + GetCount(2))
1 - The number of all successful transfers since the application launch
2 - The number of all failed transfers since the application launch
3 - The number of latest failed transfers. This number is set to 0 after every successful transmission.
The total transfer count is represented by a sum of transfers of all subobjects
of the PmaCommGroup type (see PmaCommGroup.GetCount method) and
of the PmaCommMsg type (see PmaCommMsg.GetCount method).
See also:
If communication error occurs 5 times in a row in this object, then notify (e.g. call the alarm, etc.)
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var oComm = pMe.Pm("/Comm");
if (oComm.GetCount(3) > 5)
// The action for warning the non-functional communication

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