IsConnected - property of the PmaComm object

Detects whether the PmaComm object is connected via Ethernet or via the computer's serial port.
Boolean IsConnected
true - the communication is connected
false - the communication is disconnected
Property access for read only.
- for serial link: The property returns flag that the serial port is open.
- for Ethernet-client TCP: The property returns flag of successful TCP connection.
- for Ethernet-client UDP: The property returns flag that the communication is enabled (for UDP the connection is not linked up).
- for Ethernet-server: It is not functional.
See also:
If communication error occurs 5 times in a row in this object, then notify (e.g. call the alarm, etc.)
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var oComm = pMe.Pm("/Comm");
if (oComm.IsConnected)
// IsConnected = true
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