Object CanvasCtxExt (Canvas CanvasCtxExt object)

The PROMOTIC system uses this object to extend the drawing functionality of the standardized CanvasCtx object. The added methods help the designer to easily create drawing algorithms in the PmgCanvas object.
- This object is functional also in Web panels.
- This object is accessible only by the pEvent.CtxExt parameter (in the PmgCanvas object on the "Draw" tab in the onDraw event and in assistant methods).

The CanvasCtx object is standartized and independent on the PROMOTIC system. The PROMOTIC system introduced its own CanvasCtxExt object (Ext = Extension) that extends the functionality of the drawing for easier and wider use.
Properties and methods:
prepareDrawRect()Makes transformation that shifts, rotates and flips the defined rectangle
isReset()Detects whether the drawing area contains graphic content from previous drawing

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