Object CanvasCtx (Canvas Context object)

The object enables drawing area in the onDraw event by the pEvent.GetCtx(state) method.
Description see PmgCanvas.
Properties and methods:
addColorStopColor and position in the gradient object
arcCreates complete or partial circle
arcToCreates an arc between two tangents
beginPathSets the beginning of the drawing path
bezierCurveToCreates a cubic Bézier curve
clearRectClears the specified rectangular area
clipClip the drawn shape
closePathConnects the first and last drawing
createLinearGradientLinear color gradient
createRadialGradientRadial color gradient
fillFills the current drawing path
fillRectDraws a "filled" rectangle
fillStyleFill color
fillTextDraws filled text
fontFont properties
lineCapLine ending style
lineJoinThe corner style of two touching lines
lineToLine to defined point
lineWidthLine width
measureTextReturns object that contains the width of the specified text
miterLimitMaximum length of slant of two touching lines
moveToSets the starting drawing position
quadraticCurveToCreates a quadratic Bézier curve
rectCreates a rectangle
restoreReturns the previous state that was saved by the save method
rotateRotates the drawing
saveSaves the current state of the drawing (context)
scaleThe size ration of the drawing
setTransformResets the current transform matrix to another
strokeStrokes the edge of the object (path)
strokeRectHollow rectangle (no fill)
strokeStyleLine colors
strokeTextStrokes the text outline
textAlignHorizontal alignment of the text
textBaselineVertical alignment of the text
transformReplaces the current transformation matrix with another
translateMoves the (0,0) position

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