Canvas - tab of the PmgCanvas object

Properties of the PmgCanvas object.
In onDraw the pEvent.GetParentVar() method will be usedIf checked, then enables access from drawing event onDraw to the variables of the parent Pmg object by the pEvent.GetParentVar() method. Also provides calling of the drawing function when some of the parent Pmg object variables is changed.
Can be enabled only if the parent object is also of the PmgCanvas type.

The concept of foreground/background:
If the animated 2D content is complex, large and some portion of it is changing rapidly, then the CPU load could be quite high. The possible solution of such situation is to divide the complex PmgCanvas object up into two overlaping PmgCanvas objects. One portion being static complex background and the second part being dynamic simple foreground. The Pmg object representing the dynamic foreground is embedded in the static background, constituting one compound Pmg object. This is the standard solution used for creating most of the preconfigured PmgCanvas objects.
The embedded Pmg object (foreground) can access Vars variables of the parent object (background). If the Vars variables of the object item (background) are modified, the refresh of embedded object (foreground) is provided.
See also:
- CanvasCtx (object)
- PmgCanvas (object)
- The onDraw event

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