fillText - method of the CanvasCtx object

Draws filled text.
The default color is black.
Object fillText(String text, Long x, Long y, [Long maxWidth])
text(String) Text to be written
x(Long) The x-coordinate of the text drawing
y(Long) The y-coordinate of the text drawing
maxWidth[optional] (Long) The maximum allowed width of the text (in pixels).
This method is also functional in Web panels. If the text contains a "new line" character then in the local application the text will be multilined, but stays single-row on the Web. In order to maintain Web and future versions compatibility, "new line" character usage it is not recommended.
See also:
- CanvasCtx.fill (method)
The ctx variable represents the drawing canvas (CanvasCtx). The setup is done on the "Draw" tab at the beginning of the script of drawing event onDraw as follows:
var ctx = pEvent.GetCtx(1);
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ctx.fillStyle = "blue";
ctx.fillText("Promotic", 50, 20);

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