Preconfiguration "Polar chart"

Creates compound graphic item PmiCanvas configured as polar chart.
This preconfiguration can be activated when creating a new graphic item and is included in the group: " / Chart, functions".
This graphic item contains embedded PmiCanvas item named Dynamic. The item has the variable values and arcus of the string type containing values separated by semicolon. The binding can be used to connect it to the measured value of the same data structure. The variables of the parent item are accessible in onDraw event by using the pEvent.GetParentVar().
In order to draw the chart correctly the angles (range 0 - 360) are stored in arcus variable in ascending order and the corresponding values are in the values variable.
Additional configuration variables are located at the beginning of context itself, or at the beginning of designer's methods. The following items can be set:
nScaleCount - The number of circles (values) of the scale
nFontSize - Font size of scale descriptors
colorScale - scale circle(s) color
colorText - scale descriptor color
posAngle0 - Chart orientation when angle is 0°
sColorLine - chart line color
sColorFill - chart area color
These configurators can be set before the preconfiguration is created:
Range from minimumStart of the device range
Range from minimumStart of the device range
Directions (angles)Directions (angles) values order
ValuesBase values(values)
Chart orientation - value of angle 0° will be:Chart orientation - value of angle 0° will be drawn from the centre. Value in the posAngle0 variable in Dynamic subobject on the Draw page of the DrawGraph method.
Data emulation in control variable bindingEmulated data will be generated in the control variable
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