mapGetPropNames - method of the PmMap object

Returns an array containing names of all dynamic properties.
PmArray mapGetPropNames()
This method is also functional in Web panels.

The method returns always 1-dimensional array of the PmArray type, i.e. for the VBScript language, it does not return array of the Array type type.

The order of names in the array is random. It is not sorted either alphabeticaly or by the order of creation od dynamic properties.
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var mMap = Pm.CreatePmMap();
mMap.Temperature = 85;
mMap.Pressure = 1013.85;
var aNames = mMap.mapGetPropNames();
var sName1 = aNames.GetItem(0);   // contains "Temperature" or "Pressure"
var sName2 = aNames.GetItem(1);   // contains Temperature" or "Pressure"

Pm9.00.14: Fixed bug: for Web panels returned also the names of static methods.
Pm8.03.13: Created
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