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mapSetValueAt - method of the PmMap object

Sets the value of selected object property (creates the corresponding property if needed).
Empty mapSetValueAt(String sProp, Variant vValue)
sProp(String) Property name.
vValue(Variant) Value that will be assigned to property.
This method is also functional in Web panels.

The property can be created and/or value can be set directly (mMap.property = value). This method can be used for more general approach - for example the property name can be stored in another variable.
In the Web panel that is written in the VBScript language it is necessary to use this method to create properties. In this case it is not possible to create property just by assigning the value.
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var mMap = Pm.CreatePmMap();
mMap.mapSetValueAt("Temperature", 85);
var val = mMap.mapGetValueAt("Temperature");
// val contains 85

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