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AutoSendEnabled - property of the PmaCommGroup object

Enable/disable automatic sending on writing to the item.
Boolean AutoSendEnabled
Property access for read and write. The default value of this property is defined in the "Auto send on writing to item" configurator of this object.
If the value of the property is true, then if the variable is written into then the value of this variable is transmitted to communication immediatelly (on writing into data defined on the "Data" tab and also on writing into the PmaData object data containing ExtComm).

- For some communication types this functionality is disabled (e.g. for the PmIEC8705 communication driver, where the data is sent after requested from the other side).
- If you write into more items of this object at a time, then the transmission is invoked for each item separatelly!
- Communication messages for sending data are set to high priority automatically - i.e. these messages skip over all lower priority messages in the communication queue.
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var oCommGroup = pMe.Pm("/Comm/Group1");
oCommGroup.AutoSendEnabled = true;

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