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Monitoring and control system of experimental gasifying device - Technical University in Košice (Slovakia)

Hardware: PC, Windows OS XP
Control stations: PLC Bernecker&Reiner X20:
1x X20CP1485
3x X20DO9322
1x X20DI9371
4x X20AI4622
4x X20AO4622
11x X20AT6402
Date of commission: 2007/1
Application designer/company name: Institute of Control and Informatization of Production Processes, Faculty BERG, Technical University of Košice, http://web.tuke.sk/uraivp

The application for monitoring and controlling the gasifying process of coal, created in the school version of the PROMOTIC system. The application has been created in order to monitor process values as pressure and flow of oxidants, coal temperature, gas concentration. The system allows the operator to control and modify the stabilization and optimalization regulators. The temperature, pressure and flow trends panels are also included. The application contains 25 panels. This is a non-commercial application used for education and reserch purposes. The communication between the PC and the PLC is done via the RS232 and TCP/IP. The PROMOTIC system is connected via the Bernecker&Reiner PVI OPC interface.

The application for monitoring and control of the coal gasifying process has been created within the framework of the APVV-0582-06 project named "Underground coal gasifying by thermal decomposition", that has been solved for 3 years by prof. Ing. Karola Kostúra, CSc. on the Technical University of Košice.

Main panel of the monitoring system of the experimental gasifying device G1

The panel for controlling the algorhitm of optimalised coal gasifying process

The panel for setting and running the stabilization regulators in the coal gasifying process

The panel for monitoring current temperatures from 66 thermal cells located in the gasifying generator G1

The panel for manual and automatic control of solenoids on the collector pipes of the G1 generator

The panel of temperature trends in the gasifying generator

Main panel of the G2 gasifying generator
- Monitoring of experimental gasifying device - TU Košice (Slovakia)
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