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Control and monitoring of concrete production plant - WROŃSKI Spółka Jawna

Hardware: 1x OS (PC DELL, Windows OS 10 Pro, 1x monitor)
Control stations: 1x PLC Mitsubishi, PmMelsec + PmDB
Date of commission: 2017
Application designer/company name: K&W Expert Sp. z o.o. http://www.kwexpert.pl

The PROMOTIC application acts as a system of supervision of the concrete mixing process. The operator can use ready-made recipes to produce more than 200 types of concrete. In addition, the system allows continuous stock control of raw materials and indicates the status of individual devices.
Communication between PC and PLC is provided by the PmMelsecFXS communication driver.
Currently, the system contains about two hundred recipes. Based on the chosen recipe, the system automatically calculates the amounts of individual components (cement, water, aggregate) needed to produce a given amount of concrete. Operators can continuously modify existing recipes and add new ones.
Stock inventory evaluation
After each production cycle, the application updates inventory stock levels by subtracting from the current state the amount of raw materials used in the last cycle. The operator has the option of continuously stocking supplies of individual raw materials. Container levels are archived on the hard disk of the computer.
- Graphic representation of the technological equipment
- Current state of devices (mixer, belt conveyors, dispensers)
- Process parameters archive
- Presentations in the form of trend levels in silos
- The usage of alarms module to check the accuracy of the communication with Rinstrum weighing sensors (communication with PLC devices on RS-485)

- Control and monitoring of concrete production plant - WROŃSKI Spółka Jawna
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