Acquisition and archiving of data from ultrasound level meters Dinel ULM-53 - Dinel, spol. s r.o.

Hardware: PC, Windows OS XP/Vista/7
Control stations: Converter USB/RS485 typ Dinel URC-485, Ultrazvukový hladinoměr Dinel ULM-53L s komunikacíModbus
Date of commission: 2013

The application Basic SCADA Level represents a simple SCADA system for data acquisition and archiving from ultrasound level meters Dinel ULM-53L with the possibility of remote parametrization. The communication with level meters works via serial link RS-485 using the USB/RS485 Dinel URC-485 converter. The communication protocol MODBUS RTU is used. The application panels are accessible also via the Web interface.

Main panel The main panel displays the basic scheme of level metering. The operator can see the current level, ammount of metered substance, distance of level from meter, tank filling percentage and tank temperature.

The correct function of the level meter is signaled by a green light. There are other light signals warning the operator once the levels are outside measured range. There is a blue bargraph signaling the level position in the tank. Buttons on the side allow to open other panels.
The time progress of filling or draining is displayed in a graph on the right. Detailed view is opened after pressing the "History" button.
There are several buttons in the toolbar allowing to select the language, stop the application and set the Modbus parameters.

The History panel allows to examine the details of filling/draining in time. It can also be used to export the data to Excel or CSV and print the graph or table.

Basic settings
The basic setup panel is used in order to enter the range of connected ultrasound level meter and the corresponding volume of the tank.

Service setup
The service setup is used for entering detailes measurement parameters. It is possible to enter the measuremenet units, number of measurements counted into average, temperature compensations, measurement period, etc. It is also possible to RESET the meter or return to the default setting.

Modbus Slave and Info
These panels are used in order to enter the Modbus communication parameters (Slave – ultrasound level meter) and it is also possible to read the information from the connected level meter (serial number, firmware version, sensor ID).
- Monitoring of ultrasound level meters Dinel ULM-53
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