Controling the test course of the flowmeters - Pražská teplárenská a.s.

Hardware: 1x OS (PC, Windows OS XP Professional), SQL server
Control stations: 1x PLC Simatic S7-317 (TCP/IP), Softnet OPC server
Date of commission: 2010
Application designer/company name: MPC System, spol. s r.o.,

Controling application of the test course of flowmeters. Controlling the technology, managing the measurement device catalogue in SQL database, computing the measured values, archiving the data into SQL, procesing the measurement protocols. Communication with devices for serial link.:

The communication between the PC and PLC is implemented via the Ethernet TCP/IP protocol by Softing OPC server.
Collecting the measured data from the PLC device, periferies (weight scales connected via the computer's serial port, communication by PmChar protocol).
Processing, computing errors, volumes, test times and other data needed to complete the measurement protocol of the corresponding device.
Choosing the parameters of specific test, selecting the measurement device type from own created SQL database (managed by this application).
The collected data is stored into the SQL datbase, prepared for search, filtering (for specific measurement device type) and print of current and archived protocols.
The measured data is used to create a protocol (PDF file) that is stored in a separate independent protocol database, that can also be searched (by SQL queries) for further usage.
After the specific measurement procedure protocol is found the corresponding portion of the chart (trend) is displayed.
There are multiple configuration text files used for user configurations of the application.

- Controling the test course of the flowmeters
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