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Energy consumption control system - Chart Ferox, a.s.

The control system consists of 10 process stations in the RS-485 network, using AMiT PLCs (ADIS,ART 4000,APT 3100,AMINI and V/V DM modules). Some stations have APT 1000 display panels. The control system regulates the building heating and hot water production by the framework of 5 local boiler-rooms (2 x 400 kW, 2 x 300 kW, 160 kW), complemented by ROBUR hot air units and infra emitters (MANDÍK a KASPO).

The control system provides:
- the regulation of quarter hour electricity consumption maximum
- switching on/off the lighting (based on sunshine, working hours and weekends)
- regulation of natural gas reserved capacity consumption with the precision of 1%
- controlling the technology of
- container pressure testing
- regulation of high pressure N2 generator from liquid nitrogen
- sound signalisation of breaks
- sound signalisation of the start/end of working hours
- sound signalisation of fire alarm
- air conditioning system in the paint-shop
- signalling failures via SMS message in the GSM network
- measurement and archiving the consumption of energy.

Two sewage plants will be connected to the system very soon. The monitoring and control will be done via PROMOTIC SCADA system with remote Web access.

- Energy consumption control system - Chart Ferox, a.s.
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