Mineral water siurce monitoring

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- Trenčianské Teplice
- Turčianské Teplice
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Main contractor: MINERAL-AQUASERVIS, spol. s r.o.
Application subcontractor: DELTA plus, spol. s r.o.

Thermal spa monitoring is always very difficult because of very harsh environment – the water temperature is around 60ºC, containing aggresive chemical substances and fumes. In such conditions, the best results are reached by magnetic-indution flow meters M1500 and M1000 by the BadgerMeter Slovakia company. The measured values are then transmitted by the RS232 serial line into the control centre. For temperature measurement probes by the Georg Fischer company (Switzerland) have been used. These probes are located in the centre of the pipeline thus assuring the highest possible precision in current moment.

For data processing in the control centre, the ICP intelligent modules are used (Advantech ADAM). These modules communicate by default via the RS485 interface, but the implementer used a RS485 – Ethernet converter in order to achieve higher reliability thus all the communication between the data source and the PC station goes through the corporate local computer network. The whole data collection system is based on PROMOTIC SCADA system and its Web interface. Thanks to this fact, the Slovak Ministry of Health can now access the measured data directly in real time.
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