Traffic central control system in Považská Bystrica - ACP AuCOMP, spol. s r.o.

Hardware: 1xPC (Windows OS XP), Control stations: Mitsubishi
Implementation: ACP AuCOMP, spol. s r.o.,
Date of commission: November 2006

Using the PROMOTIC CRS and application of intelligent detection systems helped to significantly improve the throughput and overal traffic situation on a critical crossroad of route I/61 in Povážská Bystrica.

The CRS consist of the control server with the PROMOTIC application. The application provides data acquisition, central control and processing the information databases provided by different technological blocks. It allows the monitoring and interference with the process in real time while presenting the states of technological processes.

PROMOTIC CRS system function:
- monitoring of the traffic situation in problematic areas and critical time periods
- evaluation of acquired information and selection of optimal routing for drivers
- active interference with the traffic process, controling the traffic via stop-lights with dynamic control and variable traffic marking using the complex information from monitored sectors by the means of trafic counters, cameras and detection systems.

There is a two grade hierarchical structure of the system with central control system (CRS) situated in the technological room together with subordinate intelligent peripheries (PLC MITSUBISHI) located in outer objects.

If there are no problems detected in monitored areas, i.e. no traffic jams, the system does not interfere into the traffic process and the traffic light controller works independently according to the own algorhytms.

If there is a problem detected, the control system solves the situation by changing the time schedule of the traffic lights, applying preferences for the problematic direction or it can reroute the traffic to diversion routes by means of the light traffic signal signs.

The control system gathers the information about the count of passing vehicles and traffic jams from modern camera detection system. It can distinguish the vehicles and monitor their movement. The installed camera system provides both the video feed for the supervisory site and for the vehicle detection.
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