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Diagnostics of the secondary voltage control system (ASRU) of wind parks. Romania

Hardware 1xPC DELL, Windows OS 10 Pro, Control stations 1xPLC UniNOD
Implementation EGÚ Praha Engineering, a.s. http://www.egu-prg.cz
Date of commission 2017

Secondary voltage and idle power regulation maintains the voltage at the pilot node by changing the idle power of the resources connected to the pilot node.

The ARN and SRU regulators are equipped with diagnosticts developed in the PROMOTIC system.

The diagnostics system provides:
- monitoring of regulator current states
- monitoring of currently set values and measured values
- monitoring of operation events
- visualization of power grid connection scheme
- visualization of selected values trends
- archiving of all data

The diagnostic system is connected to PLC by serial link by the IEC60870-5-101 protocol. The PLC provides voltage control at 400 kV level. Furthermore, the PLC performs secondary control and redistribution of active power.

The Fantanele EAST, WEST and Cogealac windparks are located in Romania by the Black Sea (see the green arrow).

The wind parks are connected to the Tariverde power grid substation where the voltage control system is located. The electricity substation was connected to a disconnected power line from Constanta and Tulcea. After connection this became the largest wind park in Central Europe with total output of 600 MW.
- Diagnostics of the secondary voltage control system (ASRU) of wind parks.
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