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Diagnostic and monitoring system of photovoltaic power plant

Project: Diagnostic and monitoring system of photovoltaic power plant – Ampera, spol. s r.o.
Hardware: 2x PC + 2x WebClient
Control stations: 2x PLC AMiT AMiNi-ES
Implementation: Ampera, spol. s r.o., http://www.ampera.eu
Date of commission: 2011

Monitoring of this photovoltaic power plant includes:
- inverter monitoring - 4x Vacon 250kW, current inverter status, outputs, currents, voltage, temperature
- string monitoring - 16x Weidmuller Transclinic - Stream measurement of each string, panel efficiency measurement, bad string detection
- OOM meter monitoring, generator terminals, custom consumption
- global radiation measurement, panel temperature, outdoor temperatures
- reports of inverter, electricity production
- automatic data transmission at OKTE on a daily and monthly basis
- sending alarm SMS in case of production failure, inverter failure, ...

Detail of individual merging cabinet Panel efficiency diagnostics Communication Meteodata Monitoring of inverters Monitoring of inverters - detail String monitoring INV1_2 string monitoring Overview screen Monthly report - inverter output - August 2017 Summary string diagnostics
- Photovoltaic power plant monitoring – Ampera, spol. s r.o.
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