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A-RCMS monitoring system - Army of the Czech Republic

Hardware: PC, Windows OS 7, 1x server, 1x client, 2 x Web client
Control stations: SNMP, WMI, ICMP protocol
Company name: AČR
Brief application description: The main purpose of the A-RCMS (IP monitor) is:
Monitoring of servers and workstations
- Hardware (CPU, memory, discs)
- Software (services of the Windows OS, applications)
- Monitoring and control of network devices via the SNMP interface
- 24/7 monitoring of network devices accessibility by the ICMP protocol (ping)
- Monitoring of system resources via the WMI interface
- Access to monitored devices via the Web interface
- Access to detailed information concerning the monitored devices
Date of commission: 12/2012
Implementation RSI SOFT, spol. s r.o., http://www.rsi-soft.cz

The A-RCMS system is used for monitoring the communication infrastructure. It is designed to support administrators of concerning systems. Both server and client side are based on the Windows OS (XP and higher).

The supervisory application can also be accessed via the Web interface from any computer that is connected to the monitoring system control server. The Web client can use any Web browser.

The basic monitoring homescreen displays the status of all supervised devices. The status indicates the functionality of each device. The devices are represented by corresponding images.

All important events are being monitored and any malfunction is reported to the system administrator. All collected data is being stored into the SQL database in order to allow regressive analysis in case of malfunction.

Displaying the detail of monitored device

The errors and malfunctions can be prevented if the supervisor has all important data at hand.
- A-RCMS monitoring system - Army of the Czech Republic
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