Monitoring and regulation of energy consumption - Tatra Trucks a.s and Tatra Metalurgie a.s.

Hardware: 2x PC
Control stations: 10x + 2x PLC AMiT
Implementation: Robert Šoltész, Site
Date of commission: 2017

Tatra Trucks a.s Used control system AMiT a total of 10 racks
- 1x boiler room with heat exchangers, degreasing and picking bath technology
- 9 x painting or grinding box, filtration, air heaters, air recuperation, water filtration

Tatra Metalurgie a.s. Used control system AMiT total 2 racks
- 2 drying tunnels, air heater

PROMOTIC 9.0.24 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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- Monitoring of energy consumption - Tatra Trucks a.s.
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