Monitoring of 32 dual fuel generators - ComAp a.s. - Ghana, Africa

Hardware 1x PC Sever
Control stations 32x PLC Generator
Implementation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o., ComAp a.s.
Date of commission 2013

The system monitors operation of 32 dual-fuel generators. It periodically reads 15 operation values from each generator. These values are then processed and evaluated. The communication between the monitoring PC and generators is implemented by the Modbus protocol. All values read from the generators are archived in the trend subsystem. It is possible to view the graphic trends and compare the graphs of archived values.

The overview screen indicates the topology of generators with main monitored values. By clicking the selected station displays the current data of the corresponding generator.

Authorized operators cqan enter defined parameters and send them into the generator by Modbus communication bus. The generator start / stop command can be confirmed by operator from the monitoring station. Each command is logged in the event subsystem. The command history log can be viewed.

The system evalueates technology malfunctions and archives such events into the alarm subsystem that can be displayed on the screen. When alarm occures the active alarm window is displayed and PC speaker signals alarm sound.

The system also includes user/password management. There are three user types defined in the application: keeper, operator (can modify parameters) and administrator.
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