MDPA potassium mine in Alsace, mining site Else

Hardware: PC + OPC server
Control stations: 2x PLC Allen-Bradley 1769-L35E, ADAM 6052
Implementation: OPA-ROW Sp. z o.o.
Date of commission: 2018

System of visualization and archiving of mining lifts. The system displays motion signals (location, speed, acceleration) of the device (cages) in the shaft and the electrical values (currents, voltages). In addition, the system displays the function of brakes (including brake units) and the control unit (inverter circuit or motor drive(s)). The system allows real-time change of languages Polish and French (operator and client languages) and for understandable reasons for international projects - English - all labels are displayed in the selected language.

In addition, the system allows to identify malfunctions of the control unit and display it graphically. The alarm system is multi-level. The "first detection identification" algorithm, which is illustrated by blinking, is implemented in the system. Each error message is described by the symbol and short and long label.

After logging in (there are two levels of logon), the user can access many service screens, which allow both device parameterization and manual shutdown of the individual safety circuit under careful supervision of the selected person.

The SCADA works together with the software of the OPA-ROW Sp. o.o. company, which records the event history of each signal (more than 1000) at a speed of not more than 100 ms while recording the selected acoustic signals (using the FFT sound recognition algorithm) to control the work of the operator. In order to reduce the network load between the PLC and several clients (SCADA, concentrator, etc.), an OPC driver that works with OPC servers is used and operates in CACHE mode. The openness of the PROMOTIC SCADA system (import/export XML files) allows easy integration of visualization with external software - in this case, a common database of registered and visualized signals is used.

The company OPA-ROW Sp. o.o. (Division Zespół Maszyn Wyciągowych) deals with the construction and management of lifting mining machines used in mining operations. It has several dozen implementations made using PROMOTIC software. Similar developments are being implemented in the mines: Staszic (PGG SA), Chwałowice (PGG SA), Pniówek (JSW SA), Polkowice (KGHM SA), Bogdanka (Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka SA).

- Visualization and data archiving system of minig lifts
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