Wastewater treatment plant in Bargłów Kościelne - Ecol – Unicon Sp. z o. o.

Hardware: PC server
Control stations: Simatic S7-1200
Implementation: Robert Zabrocki,
Date of commission: 8/2018

Creating of the application for the cleaning process and collecting data for visualization via PROFINET. Creating an operator station based on the selected SCADA package. The system is a combination of a conventional application available on a computer in the plant control room and a web service to access the data via Web pages. The Siemens S7-1200 control system was selected to control the cleaning process. It is connected to the KN400 operator panel. The visualization allowed to monitor the events in the treatment plant, change parameters affecting the cleaning process and signal alarms.

The PROMOTIC SCADA system from the Czech company MICROSYS was used for visualization of the cleaning process. It allows to create classic systems that run on a computer in the operator's office. It also allows to create applications in the form of web services that provide information through web browsers. In the case of this task, a mixed system was created that combines a classic application with a web service.

The trend system consists of two charts that allow to generate multiple overviews at once. Each curve is plotted in a different default color, which can be changed later according to your own preferences. The graphs on which the data is presented allow the time presented on the X-axes to be changed according to the user's needs.

The reporting system is designed to provide daily, monthly and annual totals of measurements: flow, energy, operating time and number of connections.
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