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Wastewater treatment plant in Przybranów - TOLL – Łukasz Kaczmarski

Hardware: PC server
Control stations: 23x device Jazz, 23x MT - 202
Implementation: Robert Zabrocki, https://zabrotzki.com
Date of commission: 7/2021

Creating an application for the management of individual pump stations of the sewerage network. Creating an application that allows the telemetry module to download data from the control unit and send it to the control station of the monitoring system. Creating a monitoring system control station. The system is available as a traditional application and as a web service.

The PLC Unitronics Jazz was selected to control the wastewater pump station. It has a sufficient number of inputs and outputs, a small control panel and is equipped with an RS485 port for communication with a telemetry modem. The visualisation on the HMI panel allows displaying and adjusting of the most important parameters of the pumping process. In addition, it provides support for the alarm system.

A telemetry modem from InVentia was selected to perform the telecommunication tasks. Data is collected from the control unit of the pumping station via RS485 bus using Modbus RTU protocol. The imported information is appropriately sorted and sent to the control station in an event-driven manner. The transmission is carried out in such a way as to optimize the amount of data transmitted.

The PROMOTIC SCADA system from the Czech company MICROSYS was used to visualize the water treatment process. It allows to create classic systems that run on a computer in the operator's office. It also allows to create applications in the form of web services that provide information through web browsers. In the case of this task, a mixed system was created that combines a classic application with a web service.

The trend system consists of a chart into which historical values of various parameters can be entered. The graph on which the data is presented allows to change the time presented on X-axis according to the user's needs.

The reporting system is designed to provide daily, monthly and annual measurement reports such as: flow, energy, operating time, number of starts, ...
- Wastewater treatment plant in Przybranów - TOLL – Łukasz Kaczmarski
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