Monitoring of the sewage network and the water treatment process - COMTEL – Rafał Zalewski

Hardware: PC server
Control stations: MT - 202, Simatic S7-1200
Implementation: Robert Zabrocki,
Date of commission: 5/2013

Control of the water treatment process. Visualization of the water treatment process, settings and alarms on the HMI. Visualization the process, settings, alarms, trend system, creation of reports using the PROMOTIC SCADA application. Monitoring of the sewer network via a dedicated telemetry modem.

The Siemens S7-1200 control system was selected to control the water treatment process. Remote input and output nodes connected to the controller via Ethernet were used to collect binary and analogue signals. An additional RS485 serial port allowed a network to be created through which the oxidation turbine inverters are controlled.

The HMI Siemens KN400 operator panel was used for visualization. The visualization allows monitoring of the water treatment plant, changing parameters affecting the treatment process and alarms signalling.

The PROMOTIC SCADA system was used for visualization of the water treatment process and monitoring of the sewerage network. It was used to create a series of synoptic screens showing: the whole treatment plant, individual objects of the treatment plant, individual pumping stations of the sewage network. The alarm system displays information about all critical situations generated by the control system.

The trend system consists of a chart into which historical values of various binary and analogue parameters can be entered. The graph on which the data is presented allows the time presented on X-axis to be changed according to the user's needs.

The reporting system is designed to provide daily, monthly, and annual measurement totals: flow, energy, operating time, and number of connections.

Data from individual pump stations of the sewerage network are collected via the telemetry modem InVentia. The collected information is sent to the visualization by the Modbus RTU protocol. The data is displayed on graphic panels designed for this purpose.
- Monitoring of the sewage network and the water treatment process - COMTEL – Rafał Zalewski
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