Central technological SCADA system - Žatecká teplárenská, a.s.

Hardware: technological server
Control stations: 4x AMiT Amini4DW2, 1x Modicon M340, 5x Simatic S7 300/400, 3x Simatic S7 ET200, 4x Simatic S7 1200, 3x PiiGAB, 11 heat meters, 6 electricity meters, 8 water meters
Implementation: Žatecká teplárenská, a.s., Žatec 3149, 438 01 Žatec,
Date of commission: 2019

System functions: A central SCADA system that runs on the technology server. Access to the system is solely through Web clients, where each user has access level by function and ranking after login. Supervision and control is carried out from two control rooms, from foremen and manager workplaces. Access is also granted to service personnel, or for supply companies during order execution. The Web presentation of the company displays the current production using xml, SCADA transmits and receives data using XML to/from other PROMOTIC applications DISPATCHING, CAMERAS, METERING.

Managed technologies:
Boilers K1, K2, K3, K4,
Hot water circle
Termooil circle
Chemical water treatment
Het exchange and HVAC
Communication infrastructure checking

- Remote reading and monitoring of remote nodes - Žatecká teplárenská, a.s.
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