110/22kV substation control and information system - Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad

Hardware: PC, Windows OS Win10 + 2ks 24"LCD
Control stations: SEL-2240 AXION, 4xSEL-751, 1xSEL-787, 2xSiemens 7SD610
Company: DEFEND, spol. s r.o.,
Date of commission: 2021

Communication centre SEL-2240 AXION located in the building Rz 110/22kV Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad forms the core of the control and information system for the 110/22kV substation. It provides communication interconnection of the 110/22kV secondary technology units field /protection, control modules/ communicating by IEC 61850 protocol on optical fiber with metallic Ethernet network and the IEC60870-5-104 protocol, which is further processed at the operator workstation level. The operator level of control and information is on the PROMOTIC system in the dispatching building and in the BSP building of Tatravagónka Poprad a.s.

- Monitoring of the 110/22kV substation
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